Is an Ideal Sense of Humor Gendered? A Cross-National Study

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When comedian Susan Prekel takes to the stage and spots an attractive man in the audience, her heart sinks. In more than a decade of performing on the New York City comedy circuit, the attractive, tall brunette has been asked out only once after a show. But male comics get swarmed. Comedians, it turns out, may simply be experiencing an extreme version of the typical romantic interplay between men and women. Although both genders consistently prefer a partner with a sense of humor, there is an intriguing discrepancy in how that preference plays out. Men want someone who will appreciate their jokes, and women want someone who makes them laugh. The complementary nature of these desires is no accident.

En route for explore lay conceptions of characteristics of an ideal sense of humor at the same time as embodied in a known individual, our study examined elicited written narratives as a result of male and female participants from three different countries of origin: United States, Iran, and Turkey. This effect was more pronounced for male than designed for female participants but did not be at odds by country. Relative mention of aspect humor characteristics differed by participant femininity and by country of origin. Caring was mentioned significantly more often as a result of Americans and Iranians than by Turkish participants. These findings show a collective pattern of humor characteristics by femininity but group differences in the comparative prominence given to specific humor characteristics. Further work is needed to agree with the group differences observed and en route for pinpoint their source. There is an established literature on gender differences all the rage humor perception and humor styles. Men have been noted to prefer humor that has sexual or aggressive themes whereas women appear to prefer disinterested or absurd humor Aillaud and Piolat, Whereas earlier studies showed so as to sexist humor i.

These are the core obsessions that ambition our newsroom—defining topics of seismic consequence to the global economy. Humor is observed in all cultures and by all ages. But only in contemporary decades has experimental psychology respected it as an essential, fundamental human behavior. As such, it was treated at the same time as an undesirable behavior to be avoided.

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