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Charlie Adam Drivera charismatic but demanding theater director, is having it out with his soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Scarlett Johansson. After trying to deal with their separation amicably for most of the film, tensions boil over and both spouses end up screaming at each other. Him especially. The MeToo movement, which kicked off in lateforced a nationwide reckoning with gendered power imbalances and abuse in the workplace. Hollywood has also tried to reckon with straight men in crisisin everything from The Irishman to A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhoodbut in ways that still position women as secondary characters, inevitable losers, or both.

Shiri Eisner Photo courtesy of Shiri Eisner. Shiri Eisner challenges assumptions about can you repeat that? it means to be bisexual. Her message is timely as the earth recognizes Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September According to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles, half of the gay, lesbian, and bi population of the United States inhabitant identifies as bisexual. With each age band, it seems, people see their sexuality as less set in stone. Even if they face higher rates of aggression, depression, and unemployment than straight folks, bi people rarely have community services oriented specifically toward them. Eisner discusses such marginalization in detail in Bi. There have been quite a a small amount of online pieces on bisexuality latelybut you say their discussions are often also simplistic. What do you mean?

All the rage June of , Nicki Minaj was photographed by paparazzi leaving dinner by Katsuya. You got one. Nearly seven years later, we have a add up to of other gay rappers, too: Above-board Ocean, occasional rapper, came out at the same time as bisexual via open letter on Tumblr the next summer. Outside of hip-hop, we have artists like Halsey, Sam Smith, Sia, Troye Sivan, and Tegan and Sara, whose voices have additionally contributed to a more diverse after that welcoming landscape. Women in the composition industry, both straight and queer, add to this landscape as well, a lot through facetious allusions to queer sexual attraction. The singer first emphasized her love and admiration for each of the artists on the track, after that then went on say:. The badly behave, though, comes when these allusions en route for queerness are made in a tease way. Still, though, they are altogether prime examples of the kind of belittling and invalidation that Kiyoko was referring to, both of which we should be moving away from. This harmfulness manifests itself in other behaviour, too.

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