How to Understand and Build Intimacy in Every Relationship

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But since you obviously won't have natural off-the-charts natural chemistry with every person in your sphere, understanding what each of the types of intimacy has in common is crucial for maximizing the power of each. And while authentic intimacy can't be forced, it can be workshopped and improved upon. Below, Dr. Brenner breaks down each of the four types of intimacy, and shares how each person can strengthening it in their own relationship.

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After you meet someone new, are you one of those people who as soon as share personal and intimate details of your life? Or are you a big cheese who holds back such information after that shares only the deeply private things about yourself with a select few? This sharing of personal details a propos your life—your feelings, thoughts, memoriesand erstwhile such things—is referred to as self-disclosure. If you are more reserved a propos such things, then you have bring down levels of self-disclosure.

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