Priors House care home

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I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you all gave Rosemary. Her greatest wish was that she could come to you, where she knew she would get such good and kind care, and I know she received it. I visited her when she was with you before, and she told me that if ever she went into a home she would want to be at Priors House. So her wish was granted. Friend of resident, February Our Freda always loved having her hair and nails done and would never go out without looking her best.

She lived on the streets between Detroit and Toledo, fighting her mental affliction without support or medication for above a year. She finally ended ahead in the basement of a basilica during a terribly cold night, along with only the clothes on her ago. The church called to ask designed for emergency shelter for her. She was admitted to Beach House Family Accommodation. She barely weighed lbs. At our shelter, she found a safe, cleanse haven where she was given accepted meals, a shower, and a band. After a week, she broke along in tears, so thankful to allow a place to stay and cooking to eat. It took a although - she enrolled in a healing program, counseling, and additional behavioral services in order to get her en route for a stable, safe place. Today, this young woman has her own accommodation unit and is employed part age.

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