Inside Princess Margaret's Complicated Relationship with Princess Diana

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In the old days, when she was lauded for her beauty and glamour, she was matched with Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor. No longer. Ironically, when Taylor came to London in to star in a stage play, it was the Princess of Wales who was chosen to meet her. For Margaret it was something of a relief that she was no longer in the media crosshairs, though she and the queen watched with mounting concern as her next-door neighbor at Kensington Palace was now the main target.

T he polished black Bentley parked beyond the drab-looking concrete Camden Carers Axis stands out. Her entourage, consisting barely of her lady-in-waiting and a accurate protection officer CPO , is amazingly small. Inside the center, the princess is received by the chair of the Carers Trust, of which she is president, and whisked off designed for a quick luncheon that she skips. Her frank talk famously served her during a failed kidnapping attempt all the rage

Thanks to fairytales like Cinderella, countless a small amount girls dream of marrying princes after that becoming princesses - and Meghan Markle just made that a reality. At the same time as it turns out, marrying a prince and living happily ever after is no longer a dream confined barely to fairytales. We spoke to Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator and crowned head expertwho helped us come up along with these eight rules for finding your own prince charming. If you ambition of one day becoming a princess, then you must first find a prince to marry. The first is rather fool-proof, but requires a common friend or shared connection between you and your future betrothed.

Account from Best of Netflix. Anne Cohen. In the case of Prince Charles and Princess Diana however, the individual thing we do know about their love story is that they absolutely did not live happily ever afterwards. And yet, the early days of their courtship are central to the latest season of The Crownwhich hits Netflix on November

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