The women ADDICTED to exercise because they're hooked on the natural high

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Outlook What is exercise addiction? Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. Exercise causes the release of certain chemicals in the nervous system. These chemicals create a sense of pleasure or reward. Exercise addiction may be, in part, a dependence on this pleasure response. What causes exercise addiction? Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine. These are the same neurotransmitters released during drug use.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Getting regular sweat sessions in, at the same time as you know, is a sure-fire approach to dial up your energy, awaken your confidence and generally up the quality of your life. Here, Fiona Thomas, an author and writer as of Birmingham, shares her tale of big business with the issue. Growing up, the most physical activity I engaged all the rage was walking to school. As a teenager, then a young adult, I was pretty consistently a size 16, and a desire to look akin to my slimmer friends set me ahead for years of sporadic low-calorie diets in an attempt to lose authority. My job as a catering administrator was incredibly stressful, and my perfectionist personality drove me to take arrange too much responsibility and work for my part to the bone. How my application addiction began I was signed bad sick with depression and tried en route for piece my mind back together along with prescribed antidepressants and therapy. My clinic recommended exercise, too. With whole being stretched out in front of me, I decided to focus on behind weight.

At the same time as soon as I walked through the front door I felt restless, obsessing about the fact that I hadn't done enough exercise that day en route for burn off all the calories I'd just eaten. It was gone midnight but it didn't matter. I began to run up and down arrange the spot. I calculated that I'd need to do this for by least an hour before I could allow myself to go to band.

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Charlie Seltzer says he had to hit astound bottom before he could see the exhausting cycle of exercise addiction he was in. At one point, Seltzer was averaging 75 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, six days a week, and living on minimal calories. But like any other addictive behavior, Seltzer quickly realized he needed add and more to get the alike effect. However, the link between attention-grabbing exercise and disordered eating often attempt hand in hand. While the band of compulsive exercise is broad, body able to identify signs early can help you stop the cycle ahead of it reaches the level of compulsion. Candice Seti, PsyD. You feel all-in most of the time Unhealthy aerobics studio habits often lead to fatigue after that exhaustion from spending too much age working out and not enough age taking care of your body.

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