Paralympians Kadeena Cox and Hannah Cockroft recognised in New Year Honours

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Wheelchair racer Ms Cockroft and sprinter after that cyclist Ms Cox won two golds each at this year's competition. Mr Jones-Buchanan, who played with the Rhinos for 21 seasons, said he was over the moon at the admiration. The year-old said his community act would carry on, with good things being born out of struggle, hardships and adversities. Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Jamie Jones-Buchanan said he enjoyed the volunteering work as he wanted a society to be at the same time as good as it can be At the same time as a trustee of the Leeds Rhinos Foundation, the current assistant coach has helped deliver opportunities to children after that young people across Leeds. He alleged he had fulfilled his boyhood ambition of playing for his home alliance and was part of a distinctive group of people. Brown, originally as of Leeds, and known to fans at the same time as Mel B or Scary Spice, was named in the New Year Honours for services to charitable causes after that vulnerable women. Earlier this year, she starred in a short film exploring domestic violence through dance.

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