Why is my sex drive so high? 6 reasons for increased libido — and when it might be too high

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Even the happiest of couples can have a slow-down or a stop when it comes to sex. So, what are the five biggest reasons couples stop having sex? No libido iStockphoto Every couple experiences dry spells, and sometimes there can be a difference between how often each partner wants to make love. In a study, married men and women were split into two groups and one of the groups was tasked with doubling how often they had sex. Interestingly, it was found that when sex was treated as an assignment, this led to a decline in their happiness.

Air credit: Dreamstime. Kiss the girl. After that you might make it a bucketing one, because scientists who are early to understand the biochemistry of kisses say that saliva increases sex ambition. Those in the kissing-science field of philematology are finding links between kissing and the hormones that affect blend, researchers said here today at the annual meeting of the American Alliance for the Advancement of Science AAAS. And these hormones are one of the keys to our reproductive accomplishment, so there's a link to advancement and passing on our genes en route for the next generation.

Connotation, the body is primed for Batter Town and generally ready to acquire after it. Having sex with a big cheese you feel comfortable expressing your desire and exploring with is a assured way to take your sex animation from zero to O. If your libido feels a little… lackluster, ask yourself if the dip happened afterwards going on hormonal birth control before antidepressants. If the answer is certainly, chat with your doctor about the side effects. What to expect all the rage your 30s For vulva owners, the 30s might as well be called the Do It All decade. As the entire endocrine system is allied, when your cortisol levels surge, it can throw your sex hormones absent of whack. Heather Jeffcoata doctor of physical therapy who specializes in sexual dysfunction and incontinence, adds that the body goes through a temporary age during pregnancy and breastfeeding that mirrors menopause.

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