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How a pandemic and an international movement for civil rights converged to throw light on flawed systems. On the surface, COVID and the initial momentum behind the Black Lives Matter movement in seemed like two trains charging ahead, parallel to each other. But early in the pandemic, it became evident that the global health crisis and the way it affects racialized people are trains that share the same track. These are features of the system; it was set up that way. As a Black Canadian woman living in the U. She says COVID has shone a light on long-standing racist systems, which has in turn emboldened more people to demand swift, radical change. She points to American studies that demonstrate it and to a recent case that illustrates that bias. Research, Clune-Taylor says, is necessary to generate evidence. It would have been hard to predict in the early days of the pandemic that a global civil rights movement was around the corner, sparked in May by yet another police killing of a Black manGeorge Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn.

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Beginning Methodology Background Finding 1: A big number of older, long-serving offenders are being warehoused behind bars Finding 2: Failure to recognize and protect a vulnerable population Finding 3: Prisons were never intended as facilities for older persons Finding 4: As the add up to of inmates with chronic disease rises, so do correctional health care costs Finding 5: Prison is no area for offenders who require end-of-life anxiety Finding 6: Lack of adequate after that humane release options Finding 7: Area alternatives are lacking and are not well resourced Finding 8: Need designed for a comprehensive and funded national approach Conclusion Summary of Major Findings Abridgment of Recommendations Annex A: Detailed Algebraic Tables and Graphs References. Prisons were never intended to be nursing homes, hospices, or long-term care facilities. But increasingly in Canada, they are body required to fulfill those functions. The proportion of older individuals in central custody those 50 years of become old and older is growing.

Beginning Prisons were never intended to be nursing homeshospicesor long-term care facilities. But increasingly in Canadathey are being compulsory to fulfill those functions. The amount of older individuals in federal arrest those 50 years of age after that older is growing. Rising correctional fitness care costspalliative careand higher incidence of chronic disease reflectat least in partthe impacts of a population that is aging behind bars.

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