Tattoos & Body Piercings

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There are no upcoming events at this time. How Can You Help? These infections could cause sepsis. It is for this reason that anyone who receives a tattoo or piercing must take special care to reduce the risk of contracting an infection. Like strokes or heart attacks, sepsis is a medical emergency that requires rapid diagnosis and treatment. Sepsis and septic shock can result from an infection anywhere in the body, such as pneumoniainfluenzaor urinary tract infections. Worldwide, one-third of people who develop sepsis die.

Your tattoo will be somewhat painful afterwards your appointment. Your tattoo will be sore and swollen. It might air like a moderate-to-severe bruise or suntan. Days 7 to Days 15 to Your tattoo will be significantly less painful and itchy. Afterwards your session, your tattoo might adhere to oozing blood for up to two days.

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