Behind the Scenes in the E-Cab: Raising Butterflies

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Detailed flyer available here. What began with an enormous fear of beetles Phyllophaga turned to love! He started collecting flies and moths, and then at the age of 7 he decided to specialize in butterflies. At 13, he started working on a butterfly farm and volunteering at the University of Costa Rica Insect Museum, rapidly gaining lab and field experience.

As a result of Susan Smiley ssmiley medianewsgroup. For Anna and Sue Hobig, the fascination along with butterflies started with an elementary discipline science project. Clair Shores Anna remembers bringing them into the house all the rage a coffee can and watching them for hours. Sue is in Authentic Heights and Anna is just accomplishment her pollinator garden going in St. Clair Shores. A monarch waystation is defined as a place that provides the resources necessary for monarchs en route for produce successive generations and sustain their migration. A waystation must contain by least two types of milkweed, which is the host plant for monarchs.

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