The Good and Bad of Indulging in Fantasy and Daydreaming

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Find parenting tips to help nurture and encourage creativity in your kids! Cleo, a 4-year-old preschool child, excitedly told her Mom, At times, parents and adults nurture children's imaginations and take joy in their creative thoughts and acts. Other times, we might deliberately or unknowingly stifle children's imaginations, perhaps concerned that children don't understand what's real.

Thanks to the readers — Diana after that P — who caught the error! The four year old is evidently fed up with sitting, and starts to complain, jump on her accommodate or run around. What happened? Her father handed her his iPhone.

This story originally appeared on 1. This mother wrote : How do I tell my wonderful 11 year aged son, in a way that won't tear him down , that the way he has started talking en route for me disrespectfully makes me not absence to be around him I've before now told him the bad attitude is unacceptable? It's a familiar scenario designed for those of us who have raised kids into the teen years. Our sweet, snuggly little kids turn addicted to moody middle schoolers seemingly overnight, after that sometimes we're left reeling trying en route for figure out how to handle their sensitive-yet-insensitive selves. A mother of two with an uncanny amount of acumen gave a solid gold answer altogether parents need to read. Jo Eberhardt, a fantasy writer and mother of two from Australia, penned a answer that is so spot on so as to it keeps repeatedly popping up arrange social media. When you nail it, you nail it—and this mother nails it. She told her son so as to she'd messed up in the approach she'd talked to him about youth, then explained exactly what was episode in his brain.

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