How to Make Friends as an Online College Student

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I think often because we live in such a diverse world we tend to forget that we have a lot of shared experiences. As someone with horrible social anxiety, it is hard meeting people and initiating a hookup with them in person. On apps like snapchat I am more comfortable initiating hookups because the apps give me the feeling of having somewhat of a protective barrier or shield. They come into my direct messages with something very innocent and casual such as a compliment and within two days of us talking they get blocked. The social and communicative side of hookup culture relates to this definition in many ways. First off, consensually. Giving and getting consent from a hookup partner s is very important. Secondly, staying safe and protected.

I was never good at making friends. Growing up, I was shy, awkward, and generally felt like my a small amount of friends made merather than the erstwhile way around. This was fortunately by no means much of a problem… until I reached my twenties. Suddenly, I bring into being myself living alone in a capital wherein I only knew a handful of people: two ex-boyfriends and their families. Talk about slim pickings. I considered simply sitting in my accommodation and sulking my days away. Accordingly, eventually, I took the plunge and— gulp —made some friends. Intentionally in quest of out friendships ended up being individual of the most terrifying experiences of my life. On a college property, you run into people everywhere—in brand, on the grounds, in the buffet, at your dorm, in the annals, at events.

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