Under Guy Boucher Ottawa Senators have newfound 'soul' — and look exactly like a playoff team

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Ottawa Young Black men shaken after Ottawa police called on meeting Chris Simba says officers with guns drawn surrounded his group on Sunday at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Chris Simba, a year-old music producer and manager, said he planned to shoot a video for one of his artists Sunday. A group of seven young Black men were waiting for the videographer outside the St. Laurent Shopping Centre when Simba said they were surrounded out of nowhere by about a dozen police cars and officers with weapons drawn. Simba said he tried to explain to police there must have been a misunderstanding, but an officer pointed his gun at him. He said he was then handcuffed and put in a police cruiser. So it's like one wrong move [was] life or death, he said.

Designed for current Missing Persons cases, please accompany our up-to-date News Releases. There is no hour waiting period to account a person as missing. Missing persons reports considered as high risk investigations are assessed upon the information obtained at the time, and dependent ahead conditions, environment and lifestyle of the person and are classified as a person who: possess a physical before mental disability; is elderly or actual young; is dependent on prescription medications; is unfamiliar with the city; wanderers or is an Alzheimer patient; is engaged in a high risk lifestyle; or is associated with violent behavior. If there is some indication of foul play suspicious or criminal activitycall immediately. If foul play is not suspected, contact the Missing Person's Building block. If you have information about a few of these people, contact the Absent Persons Unit at: extension for 24 hour assistance; extension for Missing Persons Unit Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm ; or Anonymously leave information through Corruption Stoppers at He was last seen the morning of October 14, all the rage the Avro Circle area the East end.

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