9 Tips for Coming Out as Lesbian Gay or Bisexual to Your Parents

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I had a few. When Emily and Naomi kissed on Skins, when I read an Agony Aunt column about having a crush on your best friend, when I met a proud, openly queer person for the first time — all these moments bought up feelings of excitement and dread. I wanted to be myself, but I hoped and prayed that my feelings would go away, because I feared rejection. That made me push down my feelings and hide parts of myself, even from myself. I think that denying my experiences lead to anxiety and negatively affected my self-esteem. Three in ten bi men 30 per cent and almost one in ten bi women 8 per centsay they cannot be open about their sexual orientation with any of their friends, compared to two per cent of gay men and one per cent of lesbians.

As a result of the time we reach adulthood, we will have had our fair allocate of disappointments. From watching our sister get a toy we secretly coveted when we were little to examination the boy, we had a compress on leaving the dance with a different girl when we were a adolescent. If one is alive, one has experienced disappointment! Disappointment in relationships is normal.

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