Is it normal to fantasise about being single when you're in a relationship?

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After you get marriedit can be arduous to sacrifice some of your independence. As much as you love your spouse, there are bound to be a few things you miss a propos being on your own. This isn't to say that married life isn't wonderful—it's just… different. Below are a minute ago some of the things married folks tend to miss about being singleaccording to both experts and partnered-up ancestor. When you are part of a couple, you often feel obligated en route for have a homemade dinner or array take-out for the both of you.

It's a bit shameful to admit so as to I often fantasise about being definite, considering I live with my continuing partner. Nevertheless, I do. No affair how much guilt I feel designed for longing for my Tinder days of casual sex and wildly overpriced cocktails, I still imagine what it would be like to be back around, swiping merrily away without a anxiety in the world. Yes, you could be forgiven for thinking I'm dejected and my relationship is doomed.

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