Finding Love Without Alcohol

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By today's Puritanical standards, alcohol is considered a vice. A widely acceptable vice, yes, but still something we're all better off avoiding in excess. Every year, its consumption is responsible for the deaths of around 88, people in the U. The CDC estimates this works out to 2. Looking at the numbers like that, many folks and several entire religions wonder if maybe our species wouldn't be better off if we'd never discovered the stuff.

Let's face it, non-drinkers have historically gotten the short end of the straw when it comes to fun after that flavorful sips. But no more! Thanks in part to the rise all the rage wellness culture and the sober bizarre movement, there are far more appealing alcohol-free options than ever before—and constant some bartenders are rethinking their accepted, boozy cocktails. Now that we're staying at home, you may be looking for low-octane options you can accomplish yourself. Whether you're doing Dry January, living sober, or are just embracing the ABV-free fun—these bartender favorite ideas will ensure that you never air stumped on what to craft after happy hour comes around.

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