7 Things I Wish I Had Known About Finding Out I Was Pregnant

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The few family members we'd broken the news to insisted that I looked the same. Even my husband said he barely noticed anything, but part of me thinks he was just being nice. Even in the second half of the first trimester, most moms-to-be can easily keep their belly and pregnancy under wraps with the right clothes. By 10 weeks pregnant, my stomach was really starting to stick out, and only a handful of my loosest pants, skirts and shorts still fit. Pregnancy had also made me totally ravenous.

After that you waited for those what-feel-like-forever minutes until the result showed up. At once what? First: Breathe. Whether you got the result you wanted or not, chances are your head is revolving with a million thoughts and emotions, making it tough to think evidently or know what you should accomplish first. You get to decide after and if to reveal your pregnancy. Choose a healthcare professional If you have a doctor or midwife all the rage mind already, give them a appeal as soon as possible.

Actually love this app. It answers questions I have weekly as well at the same time as helps me keep track of my birthing plan,weight and it's pretty back off you get to upload monthly abdomen pictures for progression. As well at the same time as keeping track of your appointments. Naught in life is free and but you can't afford the chump adjust of 4. Any who.

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