Let's all STOP & remember to have a little FUN

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I feel there is too much seriousness in today's day and age, and we all just need to remember to have fun! I see too much pressure being put on people by themselves to be something that they are not, or something that they want to be and not enough time spent on sitting back and enjoying what we are Too much pressure on results, too much pressure on your career and not enough time spent being young again! Don't get me wrong, i'm probably one of the hardest working people. I probably put more pressure on myself to succeed than most, i work ridiculous hours, still train ridiculous hours, i'm a father and soon to be father of two, got married by 25 and owned our own home by So this might sound like the pot calling the kettle black here but i'm pretty confident to say i find a pretty happy medium of being a driven Athlete and businessman, Coach, DAD while still bringing out that little kid in me every now and then.

Age spent with you can help your child feel happier, be more calm and build resilience for the adolescent years. Or you can make age to go for walks together, act board games and so on. A minute ago sharing happy experiences helps to assemble your relationship with your child. Daily activities to do with your child: ideas Sometimes you can make distinctive time and have fun as amount of your everyday family life. At this juncture are some ideas: Make a distinctive after-school snack together. Go shopping designed for food or groceries together and accede to your child help to make decisions, pay for things and have conversations with shop assistants. Point out things that you know your child likes as you go about the calendar day, and talk about these things along with your child — for example, a cool car or a beautiful hierarchy. Play activities and games to allocate with your child: tips When it comes to play and your school-age childtry to let your child decide what to play or take the lead with play. Here are austere ideas to get you started: Act word games and make up jokes and riddles together.

I sleep in late another day oh what a wonder oh what a waste. The nice lady next access talks of green beds and altogether the nice things that she wants to plant in them. I wanna grow tomatoes on the front steps. Sunflowers, bean sprouts, sweet corn after that radishes. My throat feels like a funnel filled with weet bix after that kerosene and oh no, next affair i know they call up triple o. I get adrenalin straight en route for the heart, I feel like Uma Thurman post-overdosin' kick start. I abide a hit from an asthma puffer. I do it wrong. I was never good at smoking bongs.

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