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Eligible children of K-1 visa applicants receive K-2 visas. Under U. Both the U. The marriage must be legally possible according to laws of the U.

After you apply for a licence, before apply to renew your licence, it is essential that you select the correct size or type for your organisation, as this will determine not only the licence fee you bidding pay, but also the level of Immigration Skills Charge you will compensate throughout the life of your abandon, or until you tell us of a change of circumstances through the sponsorship management system SMS and this has been processed and accepted as a result of UKVI. To comply with your coverage duties, you must tell us at the same time as soon as possible — and all the rage any case within 10 working being — if the size or brand of your organisation changes. If you fail to inform us within 10 working days, we may take acquiescence action against you. This could add in downgrading, suspending or revoking your abandon. For further information on your coverage duties, see section C1 of Amount 3: Sponsor duties and compliance. You must not pass any of the charge on to the sponsored employee. If we find out that you have done so, we may annul your licence. When you must compensate S5.

The IND does not provide information arrange the status of your application at the same time as long as a decision has not been made. In most situations, a statutory decision period applies. The IND can make use of the complete decision period to process your appliance. Follow your application in My IND.

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