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If you become ineligible or opt out of your U-Pass after picking up or renewingyou MUST return your card to receive a pro-rated refund. Students who plan to opt out or become ineligible should NOT renew their card. If you are picking up your card splease check our current process. We strongly urge new students, staff, and faculty to review the Get Your Campus Card page in advance to verify eligibility and submit a photo. If applicable, we will provide eligible students with their U-Pass at the same time. All locations that accept the Campus Card can be found hereand it is the only method of payment accepted for laundry and public printers. You are eligible as soon as you are registered in any course s for the current or upcoming term.

At the same time as the COVID situation continues to advance, we are constantly re-evaluating our plans in light of new information. Body both prepared and flexible is basic to making the best possible decisions at the right time. Should you have additional questions after reviewing this FAQ, please contact covidinfo carleton. Carleton University provides information on the cases on campus webpage of any individuals who have tested positive for COVID and who have been on property in the 10 days prior en route for the positive test result being arrive. Non-medical masks are required in covered public spaces and in non-public spaces when in the presence of others and you are not able en route for consistently maintain a two-meter physical distance, or where maintaining such distance could be unpredictable or impossible such at the same time as high-traffic areas, hallways, common rooms, washrooms or elevators. Visit our Mask Advice webpage for more information. We ardently recommend that individuals continue to ask for guidance on masks and face coverings from the Ottawa Public Health website in order to receive the a good number up-to-date information.

The video-calling platform is home to a lot of virtual Carleton spaces that have provided a backdrop to a number of academic and social activities, allowing students and faculty to connect casually after that informally. While pandemic precautions such at the same time as mask-wearing and physical distancing have altogether but wiped out these casual conversations, several Carleton professors and students can have a solution: Gather. After Baylor attended a conference last spring so as to used the platform as a effective coffee lounge, she began to accompany its potential. Several months later, Arrange is now home to a add up to of virtual Carleton spaces, including Olin and Anderson Halls, the Hill of Three Oaks, and a fully stocked game room. So far, these spaces have provided a backdrop to a number of academic and social activities. Spaces like the Anderson basement allow become popular spots for students en route for work on group projects and badly behave sets together. With the ability en route for move quickly between groups of users, rather than jump between rigid breakout rooms, some professors have used the platform for in-class group work.

Appointment our web site for more in a row. What Should We Search? Search altogether of Carleton. Campus Directory A-Z Channel. Bridge Club Manage Bridge Club brings together students interested in learning association, brushing up on their skills, after that hanging out and having fun! Denial experience expected or necessary!

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