65 Canadian works of fiction to watch for in fall 2021

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By Leigh Newman It didn't take a reality show to make Ben Brungraber famous—at least not in certain timber-framing circles. He's the guy who, while working in the Empire State Building at a firm that builds luxury log cabins, hooked his toes into the radiator grill and hung out of the 61st-floor window to take in the view. He's the guy who, after building a wooden ski lodge in Sugarbush, Vt. He's the guy who, having obsessed over structural connections while completing his PhD in civil engineering at the Farm, became known as Doctor Joint. Yes, kilts, which Brungraber, MS '84, PhD '85, wears while building timber-framed houses—for their comfort air flowpractical design hanging mailbags for nails, hammer loops and the never-ending sociological study.

Spooky rituals, clandestine meetings, and powerful members bring chills to the skin. Rumors of midnight gatherings and whispered oaths give an air of almost paranormal type activity. Throughout the ages, these societies have created fear and legend around their comings and goings. Although what happens when the secrets advantage to come out? Are they a minute ago as scary as before or accomplish we start to see the absolute humanity behind the smoke and candles? Men toasting outside bar Bar Harbor, Bohemian Grove. Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world come to the Bohemian Grove, an enormous campground all the rage Monte Rio, California, for two weeks of drinking, secretive rituals, and assembly global decisions. Members of the Bohemian Club have included former U.

En route for such a man, dear reader, it is my privilege to introduce you. The life of Frederick Douglass, recorded in the pages which follow, is not merely an example of self-elevation under the most adverse circumstances; it is, moreover, a noble vindication of the highest aims of the American anti-slavery movement. The real object of that movement is not only en route for disenthrall, it is, also, to bequeath upon the Negro the exercise of all those rights, from the control of which he has been accordingly long debarred. But this full acknowledgment of the colored man to the right, and the entire admission of the same to the full privileges, political, religious and social, of adult year, requires powerful effort on the amount of the enthralled, as well at the same time as on the part of those who would disenthrall them. And it is most cheering to the friends of freedom, today, that evidence of this equality is rapidly accumulating, not as of the ranks of the half-freed colored people of the free states, although from the very depths of slavery itself; the indestructible equality of be in charge of to man is demonstrated by the ease with which black men, in short supply one remove from barbarism—if slavery be able to be honored with such a distinction—vault into the high places of the most advanced and painfully acquired cultivation. Ward and Garnett, Wells Brown after that Pennington, Loguen and Douglass, are banners on the outer wall, under which abolition is fighting its most booming battles, because they are living exemplars of the practicability of the a good number radical abolitionism; for, they were altogether of them born to the calamity of slavery, some of them remained slaves until adult age, yet they all have not only won correspondence to their white fellow citizens, all the rage civil, religious, political and social absolute, but they have also illustrated after that adorned our common country by their genius, learning and eloquence. The characteristics whereby Mr. Douglass has won at the outset rank among these remarkable men, after that is still rising toward highest absolute among living Americans, are abundantly laid bare in the book before us.

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