The psychological reasons why you fall in love with your colleagues

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People spend a lot of time with their colleagues. This can lead to strong friendships, and sometimes romantic relationships. There is still a stigma about dating someone in your office, so people tend to be secretive about it. But there are other issues to consider too, such as whether you truly are into each other, or whether it's simply escalated by your proximity. Ultimately, it's important to recognise the difference. Work relationships are a funny thing. If you have a regular job, you likely spend more hours of the day with your colleagues than you do your other friends, flatmates, or even your spouse. When you tally up all that time, and the fact it takes about hours to become best friends with someoneit's no surprise many people form close bonds with their workmates.

At the same time as they say: Without even looking, you might meet your significant other before spouse in the most unexpected area. And sometimes that unexpected place is at work. I asked : Has anyone dated someone they work along with — and if so, how did it go? Here are several of them. We became really good friends as soon as I joined the unit in February — but effective through the pandemic together bought us closer. We used to go arrange walks in the woods outside of work to debrief and have a few time away from the chaos. Candidly, the whole thing was not affected. It was fun to have it be a secret at first. Although when we started to tell a few people, it was really not a big deal.

Fri 12 May It was frustrating by first, but then she started confiding in me about things that were bothering her. We carried on conversations by text for months and months. I warmed to her and grew to like her. She has a good soul, she cares about her work and what happens in our workplace.

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